My approach...

I want people to understand the beauty of us as social human beings, of caring about one another and our need for beauty. I want to provide an offering to the struggle and anxiety of modern life, which is not to escape, but to dive deep, to be in the depths of beauty and art making.

We need help to have the tools and daily rituals that place us not in the grasping, complex, consumer world. It is within relationships that innovation and learning flourish, and it is within all of us to challenge the status quo, to discover our potential, and create a script for the future that isn't yet written.

With a passion for education and music, which have both played a formative role in my professional and personal life, I sometimes compare my role with that of an orchestral conductor, bringing together disparate groups of people to create a fluent, satisfying and harmonious outcome.

Based around three pillars of commerce, community and culture, I design a process to build the future direction of an organisation with the leader and their team. I am both results-focused and imaginative, and build the strategic direction from a position of aspiration not desperation.

My approach is tailored to each individual client and each individual situation. There is no one-size-fits-all formula or template.

My work begins well before any formal facilitation takes place and relies on flexible tools such as active listening, intuition and improvisation to promote effective empathy. What I do best is to honour people and their attributes.

By building trust and confidence and investing in relationships I bring clarity and resolution to complex situations of change, growth and direction, whether the client is a large corporation, a small business or a philanthropic organisation. Where change is on the agenda, I spend the research period of my brief trying to understand the impact this change will have at every level.

When I find tension, I work with it, converting it into a dynamic and positive force. As a result I see people adapt to new situations and new ideas. Transformation becomes a reality.